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We provide shipping containers, Reefers, Chassis and Gensets across
North America and Asia

Main operations & headquarters in Manila, Philippines and  Fort Worth Texas USA

Interculturally diverse teams working with you on all of your transactions

24/7 assistance to your support needs.

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We’re here to help! Give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d be very glad to assist. Our Customer and Sales Service is 24/7. 

Used and New Containers

We sell all types of used and new shipping containers. We arrange deliveries, too! 

Chassis, Gensets & Heavy Equipment

We sell beyond container units. We also supply heavy asset equipment around Southeast Asia and North America. 

Affordability, Value-Adding and Service Excellence

At AFFORDABOX Container Solutions, we understand your primary considerations concerning container and equipment acquisition.

We get you! The units you need to further add value to your business and utility are yours to afford within your budget! Talk to us today, it’s free!