Our business Process


Inquiry to Profiling

It starts with the understanding of your needs. Then, we match your inquiry with our available units. With this, we’re able to notify our customers of deals and inventory.



Once any deal is confirmed, our accounting team will take charge of your invoice and the discussion of our purchase terms and conditions. 



Once the payment is cleared on our account,  the operations team will immediately send you the release details for your unit/s. 


Pick-Up Arrangement

We guarantee to assist you up to the very last part of the process, in real-time and until the unit is in your possession. We track pick-up details to fully close the transaction. 

We provide shipping containers, Reefers, Chassis and Gensets across
North America and Asia

Main operations & headquarters in Manila, Philippines and  Fort Worth Texas USA

Interculturally diverse teams working with you on all of your transactions

24/7 assistance to your support needs

we can arrange deliveries

From inquiry to delivery, we can have all arranged for you. 

Our network of truckers will take charge of any delivery requests you may have for your orders. 

Refurbishing/ Modifying Units

Steel container units are now used various creative and new forms as in construction and engineering. You can discuss with us any requirement for  special types such as container homes, container offices etc.


Industry Knowledge

You can count on our strategies to help fulfill your container and equipment needs. We've acquired the experience from various partnerships with global shipping lines and logistics networks.

Flexible Schedule

Customer Support is almost always available round-the-clock as we service operations within a global time zone.

Service Orientedness

We are always in the pursuit of delivering how to best serve our clients and partners' interest and add value to their business.


With our direct partnership with global shipping lines, network and vessels, we guarantee to supply products at very competitive rates.

Dynamic Team

The diversity we foster within the company is what fuels the solutions and results we deliver for our clients and business partners.

Special Offers

Spot our daily new inventory, consignment/credit deals, pre-order arrangements for special units from Asia and many more.